The Solution

  • The solution is to use a platform that enables you to build, evolve and measure your presence on Facebook. A solution that your team can be trained on quickly and easily and lean on to help them keep in control when people demand real-time action and reaction to the brand conversation.
  • If we’re getting business boring about it – we believe the return on investment from using the Buddy Media platform is huge. Not only will your engagement campaigns rock, but your team will thank you for making it easy for them to do a great job and your CEO will congratulate you on initiatives that can deliver real benefits to the bottom line.

“Social Media marketing may not cost in standard media terms, but it does require a commitment to infrastructure from the medium to longer term. This is a challenge for any business, but for those that commit to being directly involved with their customers (existing or potential), the outcomes will be positive.”   Source: ” The Rise and Rise of the Social Network” An Asia Pacific Report Nov 2009

Let us help you grow your fan base, increase conversations with your fans and capture the interest of people who want to spend money on your products and services… get in touch and we’ll show you how the platform works and how Loopster can help you.

Whether you are a newbie or an old hat, a brand or an agency, we have tools and solutions for you.

  • We listen to what you are trying to achieve on Facebook
  • We listen to how you have been communicating with your Fans on Facebook
  • We listen to how you have been tackling content and application development on Facebook
  • We listen to how you are blending your broader social media plans including Twitter and YouTube
  • We show you examples of how some of the world’s biggest companies are using our solution to build interactive tabs on their Facebook Page
  • We show you how these companies are measuring and reporting on the results
  • We show you how their Facebook content marketing evolves based on these results
  • We show you how you can manage and communicate with your growing Fan base
  • We show you how the right people in your business can stay on top of the Facebook conversation
  • We help you plan, design and build tabs on your Facebook page
  • We train you to get the most out of the system to drive the best results possible
  • We help you manage the content if you need us to
  • We keep you up to date with global case studies and best practice information.

So please get in touch with us and we can have a chat about how we can help you.

Agencies work extremely hard to deliver great work to their clients and reap the rewards from the the Facebook audience opportunity. Our goal at Loopster is to provide the tools and the support to enable that opportunity to be unlocked.

We want our Agency partner to be able to say:

  • I can pitch great Facebook ideas with great confidence in my development platform.
  • I can build great Facebook pages easily in-house
  • I have a world-class toolkit that gives me lots of flexible ideas for strategy and tactics.
  • I have great analytics to allow me to report in detail back to my client.
  • I can provide my client with a powerful Facebook publishing and community management tool.
  • I have a robust Facebook development platform that moves in-line with Facebook API changes.
  • I have a Sandbox Facebook page that allows me to test and build out ideas incredibly quickly.
  • I have had excellent training on these tools to get the most out of them.
  • I don’t need proprietary Facebook development skills in-house.
  • I have much greater visibility into future production costs of Facebook initiatives.
  • I have a great support partner with Loopster Media who continually share best-practice with me
  • It’s early days for Loopster and early days for business working out how Facebook content can deliver the marketing and communications results they’re after. Nobody has all the answers yet!
    How we help companies is to listen to what they are trying to achieve in their broader marketing plan and then tackle questions about how a dynamic Facebook content strategy can help them achieve those goals as well. Here are a few of the typical questions we talk through:

    • Portland SEO Facebook Page, how can Loopster add value?
    • I have a solid fan base, can you help me increase the engagement with them?
    • Facebook technology scares me, can you help me simplify it?
    • I’m scared of being able to manage what people say about my brand?
    • I work with an agency already, can you work with them?
    • How can I stay on top of what my global peers are doing on Facebook?
    • I have lots of content, can you help keep my Facebook page up to date with it all?
    • I have great ideas but don’t have time or resource to do this, can you help?
    • What are the key metrics I should be tracking?
    • I need to control who does what on multiple pages, is this possible?

    At Loopster, our tools and services address these and many more questions.